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Bank Note Blended 5 Yr Scotch

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Bank Note Blended 5 Yr Scotch

A base with 40% malt content, compared to most blends that only have 10-20% malt whiskey in the blend. The Bank Note brand was established in 1870. Slowly matured in oak casks to produce a mellow taste with sweet richness and good depth of flavor, for a timeless appeal. It is a whiskey with a light and fresh aroma, vanilla sweetness and delicate fruit notes. A soft feel on the palate develops into gentle and subtle spice flavors with a mellow and pleasing sweet oak finish.

ABV: 43%
Age: 5 years
Blend: 40% Malt & 60% Grain
Blender / Bottler: A.D. Rattray

NOSE - Caramel, red fruit, scotch spice, vanilla, butterscotch and sugar cookies. Not very complex and the aromas are quite light, but they work together in a way that even the thick layer of grain whisky sitting underneath these aromas doesn’t manage to completely kill it. There’s also an intriguing bit of sherry like sweetness that never fully materializes, but takes up residence as a haunting apparition.

PALATE - Caramel, red fruit and spice, this time cinnamon heavy start things off again, but here on the palate it’s accompanied by a waxy bit of citrus peel. Some young malt and grain alcohol seep in and pull out some of the richness, but they don’t fully destroy what little harmony there is and that same haunting whiff of sherry sweetness from the nose drifts across the palate at random intervals.

FINISH - A long, slightly cloying, dry finish of dried fruit, watery caramel, grain alcohol, overripe citrus and potpourri that fades to Aspirin. Yes like the pill. It’s like I just chewed on an Aspirin tablet and my mouth is coated in that awful flavor.

BALANCE, BODY & FEEL - Balance? We don’t need no stinking balance. Though what it does have is a watery body and more heat than an 86 proof should have.

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Spirit Type: Blended Scotch


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