Our greatest strength is to influence on and off premise accounts.


California is the number one beverage alcohol market in the United States of America. The role of the current distributors has changed from brand builders to order takers. The consolidation of the wholesale tier continues to give suppliers fewer and fewer choices on distribution, while the two major California distributors continue to add brands to their portfolios.

A small professional specialty organization selling a limited portfolio of supplier and company owned brands, promoting personal contact, product knowledge and personal service will surely make a significant contribution. Pacific Edge Wine & Spirit USA ‘s strategic objective is to move from traditional wholesale distribution mode to a pro-active smaller craft spirits whole situation. Our key retail account call frequency is designed to create a special relationship with our key accounts and wholesalers.

  • Complete key account and chain coverage
  • Experienced sales and marketing executives
  • Over 30 years experience in California and the Western United States
  • Strategic programming with built-in benchmarks for periodic evaluations
  • We will not overload our portfolio (Brand Building is the Key)
  • We wish to only represent a limited number of suppliers, thereby enabling us to specialize for each supplier
  • Importation, Inventory, Warehousing and Distribution capabilities
  • Brand investment unparalleled by any specialty importer/distributor in the United States
“A prerequisite for success for any Importer/Distributor that is conducting business in California is their ability to see and influence key on and off premise accounts. We feel that is our greatest strength”.