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Sliabh Liag The Legendary Midnight Silkie Irish Whiskey

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Sliabh Liag The Legendary Midnight Silkie Irish Whiskey

The Midnight Silkie completes the core Silkie collection and is our smokiest blend yet, with four triple distilled single malts and a triple distilled peated single malt at its heart. Created to be savored over the midnight watch. With 35% triple distilled peated malt at its heart, The Midnight Silkie is a rich, complex and smoky blend, completing the core range of our Silkie Irish Whiskeys. In all, five single malts aged in sherry, bourbon, oloroso, red wine, virgin oak and imperial stout casks, are blended to perfection giving a whiskey that marks the final step in the journey of smoke offered by the Silkie collection.



Rich muscovado sweetness, pipe smoke, Christmas spice, sandalwood, orange zest, baked apples, chocolate orange, sweet tobacco, rounded, linseed and earthy



Initially intense molasses sweetness, as it warms a dry peat smoke takes over. Pipe ash , raisins and sultanas boiled with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Then toffee apples, a toasted, drying oak and tobacco and leather and yet a freshness – a brisk hint of pine and blood oranges even sweet grapefruit



The sweet spice just melts gently way and leaves a comforting dried fruit and peat fire warmth

Spirit Type: Irish Whiskey Whiskey/Whisky

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