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Senior & Co Clear Curacao Liqueur

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Senior & Co Clear Curacao Liqueur

An official Curaçao Liqueur has to be made of the dried peels of the “Laraha”. Laraha is
the bitter orange native of Curaçao and the main ingredient of the Genuine Curaçao
Liqueur produced by Senior. The Laraha tree is represented in the Senior logo and the
bottles are orange-shaped.

The distillery is located on the premises of a historic mansion in Curaçao, visited yearly by
over 140,000 tourists. A Curaçao Liqueur does not necessarily have to be made in
Curaçao , unlike products like Champagne and Tequila. But Senior is proud to be the
genuine Curaçao of Curaçao.

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Spirit Type: Imported Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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