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Ron Colon Salvadoreno American Rye Whiskey

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Ron Colon Salvadoreno American Rye Whiskey

RCS is made by bartenders for bartenders and hence we created RCS RYE 100 in honor of our love for Rye cocktails. Flaunting spicy and brash flavors, rye whiskey is the backbone in so many classic cocktails. This limited-edition RCS 100 was mashed, dis-tilled and aged at MGP’s historic distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Using historic whiskey production parameters and proprietary yeast that dates back to the Seagram’s ownership, it’s time tested since the 1933.

All whiskey used in RCS RYE 100 was laid down in 2017 and is 5 years old. The high malt rye whiskey mash bill was used as a finishing component in a small quantity to produce top and finishing notes of chocolate and apple, as well as provide increased mouthfeel viscosity. The other two rye whiskey batches were hand selected to promote robust rye character. The 51% Rye Whiskey provides fruit sweetness while the 100% Rye Whiskey provides robust rye character of mint, spice, and floral botanicals.

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Spirit Type: American Rye Whiskey/Whisky


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