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Puntagave Rustico Bacanora

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Puntagave Rustico Bacanora

Bacanora was banned for 77 years (1915 - 1992) due to prohibition. Hidden from the public eye but refusing to disappear by becoming a clandestine activity, and with time a symbol of regionalism and identity for the state of Sonora. Protected by Denomination of Origin status since the year 2000 and only eight years prior, Bacanora production had finally been made legal. In fact, Puntagave is the first legal 90 proof premium Bacanora imported into the U.S. Wrapped in the mists of time, centuries before Tequila - Opatas Indians produced small batches of ancient Bacanora in the canyons of the Sierra Madre mountains in Sonora, Mexico.

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Spirit Type: Bacanora


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