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Gvori Vodka

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Gvori Vodka

An ancient recipe was revived to produce this award-winning vodka. Using mostly rye, and distilled four times after which it undergoes an additional rectification treatment to eliminate any impurities present in most vodkas. It's the detailed process along with clean Polish spring water, that ensure the authenticity of this award-winning, world-class vodka.

*Beverage Testing Institute Awarded Gvori Vodka 93 points "Exceptional"!*

What does Gvori mean? In Russian it means "speak to me" create conversation, a social situation. The royal looking gentleman on the front label is Prince Vladimir of Kiev, a Russian of Viking descent. Before there was a Poland, he adopted the drink his people created, which would become known as vodka. The Prince's vodka was known, as the "water of life" so we thought it was appropriate to honor him on our label design.

Classic Recipe

This Russian Vodka needs no Introduction, it's best enjoyed as follows - 1.5oz Gvori Vodka, on the rocks with a splash of soda water, and a few wedges of lime. Enjoy!

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Spirit Type: Imported Vodka

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