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Fabriquero Sotol Durango

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Fabriquero Sotol Durango

Spirit Type: Sotol



Fabriquero Sotol, is produced from wild Dasylirion wheeleri agave, known as "The Desert Spoon." Currently one of only two sotols produced in Durango, it is made by Don Hector Jimenez using traditional methods passed down to him in his father's vinata - or distillery - that has been producing this spirit for close to 100 years. The sotol agaves are 100% estate-grown, and at maturity are half of the size of typical agave plants.

With no corners cut, the sotol agaves are hand-picked individually at peak ripeness and cooked for 5 days in a lava rock lined pit using acacia and mesquite. They are then crushed by hand before being fermented in open air.

Fabriquero sotol exhibits strong minerality and depth with a variety of flavors ranging from wild grass to an underlying richness that comes from the acacia wood used to cook the pinas. Earthy notes on the palate demonstrate the unique terroir of this sotol's provenance.


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