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Fabriquero Sotol Coahuila

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Fabriquero Sotol Coahuila

Fabriquero Sotol Coahuila is produced from wild agave species called Dasylirion Cedrosanum. This sotol plant is sourced from the town of Aldama in the Chihuahuan desert, only a few hundred kilometers away from Coahuila. During production, the sotol plants are harvested individually at peak ripeness and cooked for 5 days in a lava rock lined pit using acacia and mesquite. They are then crushed by hand before being open air fermented.

The palate and aroma have a grassy note and a decent amount of smoke. The unique region of Coahuila provides undertones of mint and eucalyptus with a chalky richness.

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Spirit Type: Sotol


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