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Dom Pierre VSOP Napoleon Brandy

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Dom Pierre VSOP Napoleon Brandy

Our VSOP Brandy has been distilled in Coffey stills from grape wines and aged in our cellars in French oak 400 liter casks for a minimum of one year. Thereafter, it is blended with our older brandies. Typical grape varieties can be Colombard, Merlot, Muscat or Airen.

Considering the shorter period of aging for brandy than the typical aging period for cognac, we age our brandy in rather dry cellars with exposure to temperature variations. The casks we use for aging our brandy are the same as the casks we use to age our VS Cognac; large grain French oak with high temperature toasting (up to 200 C, equivalent of 392 degress Fahrenheit), with a small percentage of new casks being used.

Color : Nice amber, dark copper glints, limpid and shiny.

Nose: Fruit forward notes of pear, raisins and dry pineapple, followed by a very delicate toasted vanilla flavor and a gentle finish of raisin and fudge.

Palate: Light, soft palate, with a delicate mix of muscat grapes, winy notes and toasted oak. Nice, soft finish, mixing typical French oak notes with a hint of exotic fruits.

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Spirit Type: Brandy

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