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Calle 23 Añejo Tequila Single Barrels #19 & #50

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Calle 23 Añejo Tequila Single Barrels #19 & #50

These Añejo tequilas were emptied and bottled separately straight from the barrel, without dilution or blending. Each of these single barrels shows the effect and character of its unique barrel.

Barrel #19:  Nose: Very delicate; an herbaceous combination of lime, orange, cut grass, sandalwood and young agave, with a touch of vanilla. Palate: Gentle spice at first, followed by pears, banana and honey, and fading out with an herbal and peppery long finish. Finish: Very pleasant aftertaste.

Barrell #50:  Nose: Light, smooth, feminine. Notes of dried peach and apricot, a touch of wood, hints of cut grass and Bourbon vanilla. Palate: Fresh palate with ripe peach notes with a zesty orange character. Ends on white pepper while remaining smooth and fruity. Finish: A very long and pleasant aftertaste

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Spirit Type: Tequila


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