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Backbone Bone Snapper Rye

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Backbone Bone Snapper Rye

First launched in 2011, Bone Snapper has become Backbone’s biggest selling whiskey. The age of this whiskey is critical to its flavor profile. They target bottling Bone Snapper around the 30-month mark. At this age, we find a zestful spice and a herbaceous succulence with hints of further richness to come. Backbone is adamant about presenting this whiskey at 108 proof and no lower. Not only does this help make it a wonderful drink on its own but it also has the strength to shine through in a well-made cocktail. Backbone’s founding principal – extra proof = extra flavor.

Appearance: Light brown

Nose: Notes of cinnamon, rye bread, and leather.

Palate:  Spice from the rye is present up front with notes of anise and more subtle spices of orange peel and marmalade.

Finish:  This whiskey has a bold finish that provides a wonderful ZING and a comforting warmth all through your body.

Spirit Type: American Rye Whiskey/Whiskey

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Spirit Type: American Rye Whiskey/Whisky


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