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A. Villeneuve Tresmontaine Tabacal Rancio Sec

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A. Villeneuve Tresmontaine Tabacal Rancio Sec

Rancio Sec of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, and Grenache Noir from Arnaud de Villeneuve. This wine spent nine years in old rivesaltes rancio casks, and then was blended with a small amount of old, sweet, rivesaltes rancio to produce a wine of approximately 8g/L of sugar. The blend was the result of the winemaker's desire to make a wine for cigar and pipe smokers; hence the name, "tabacal." Richly nutty, with lip smacking acidity and a bit of a melon note, this wine is extremely versatile in cocktails. It's acidic enough to add sweetness (herbal liqueurs are particularly nice) and just sweet enough to allow the addition of spirits (modern gins and lighter whiskeys work well). Use in place of brandy or amontillado sherry in cocktails, as well.

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Spirit Type: Wine


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