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WM Cadenhead Strathclyde 1989 29 Yr Single Malt

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WM Cadenhead Strathclyde 1989 29 Yr Single Malt

Our small batch cask strength releases are vattings of a maximum of 4 casks but normally 2 or 3 casks, and these whiskies are bottled at cask strength. The only factor that we consider when deciding what strength to release a whisky at, is taste. We do not add artificial coloring and we do not use chill filtration.

Aroma - rummy, moscovado sugar, and fudge

Palate - very chewy, cinammon toast, hints of lime

Finish - hint of paprika, peppermint and dark chocolate

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Spirit Type: Single Malt Scotch

WEB: https://www.cadenhead.sco

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