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Tres Papalote Mexicano Mezcal

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Tres Papalote Mexicano Mezcal

The new Tres Papalote expression is a blend of 2 distillations that are cooked, grinded, and
distilled at the same time. A combination of 70% Maguey Mexicano and 30% Maguey Espadin.  The Maguey Mexicano grows wild in Oaxaca and Puebla and matures in 5-7 years.

Tres Papalote Mezcal is a collaboration between Riviera Imports and Cheech Marin. Cheech is know internationally as a comedian, actor, writer, activist. He has the largest collection of Chicano art in the world. All of the bottle artwork is inspired by Chicano artists
from Cheech’s Collection.

For 5 days, the Master Mezcalero bakes the heart of the agaves underground with smoky wood of ocote and mesquite. After fermenting and distilling, the Mezcalero chooses with expert precision the exact time to complete the process and begin bottling.

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Spirit Type: Mezcal


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