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Timbal Vermut De Reus Extra Dry

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Timbal Vermut De Reus Extra Dry

This vermouth has a distinctly Catalan character, and embodies many of the savory flavors found in the famed olives of the region. Truly dry—with no added sugar—it is made with herbs sourced from the Pyrenees mountains and citrus of the Mediterranean. Its wine base of Airén (La Mancha) and Macabeo (Penedes) adds a nice minerality. Enjoy neat, with a splash of tonic, or in a 1:1 Martini. The town of Reus (near Tarragona in Catalonia) is the historic epicenter for vermouth production in Spain, where for over a century the producer Miró has set the benchmark for its wormwood-forward style. All production is today overseen by the family patriarch Pere Miró.


The olive-herb notes of Timbal Extra Dry come out beautifully when mixed and chilled. Add tonic and a slice of orange for a low-alcohol take on the classic Barcelona gin-tonic. Mix 1:1 with Hayman’s London Dry Ginfor a briny Martini—no orange bitters or olive juice required! Combine with Bonal for an intensely mineral, mouth-filling aperitif.

Spirit Type: Wine


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