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Teerenpeli Portii Finnish Single Malt

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Teerenpeli Portii Finnish Single Malt

Teerenpeli PORTTI Finnish Single Malt Whisky is an incredibly well-made whisky, which was distilled
and aged in Finland using locally grown barley. The whisky is distilled from 87% pilsner malt, and
13% heavily peated malt, and the resulting new make spirit is peated to 5ppm. The pilsner malt is
grown in Finland within 95 miles of the distillery, while the water used to make the spirit is filtered
through the Salpausselkä esker, a gravel ridge formed by the ice age about 10,000 years ago. The
spirit is double distilled in copper pot stills, which were produced in Scotland for Teerenpeli’s own
design specifications. Following distillation, PORTTI is initially aged in ex-Bourbon casks, before
being finished in first-fill Port wine casks. The casks are placed in 40 foot shipping containers and are
placed outside, where the extreme temperature shifts of the Finnish climate help craft an extremely
complex whisky. In Finland, the temperature in the winter drops to -30° F, while it gets as high as 85°
F in the Summer. No artifical heating or cooling is used during the ageing process. The final result is
a beautiful and complex whisky, whith a creamy-maltiness and a hint of peat. This whisky is fun to
taste next to Teerenpeli’s KASKI Single Malt Whisky, which is distilled the exact same way and aged
for the exact same amount of time, but rests in different casks. Teerenpeli PORTTI Single Malt
Whisky was awarded 93 Points by IWSC.


TYPE OF SPIRIT: Single Malt Whisky
MASH BILL: 100% locally grown Finnish malted barley, all grown within 95 mles of the distillery. 87% pilsner malt, and 13% heavily peated malt. The result is a new make spirit that is peated to 5ppm

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Spirit Type: Finnish Whiskey Whiskey/Whisky


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