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Sotol La Higuera Cedrosanum

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Sotol La Higuera Cedrosanum

Spirit Type: Sotol


Master Distiller – Gerardo Ruelas

Village – Aldama, Chihuahua

Milling – Hand and Ax

Fermentation – Wild yeast in pine vats

Distillation – 2x in copper alembic

·       Sotol is a distilled spirit made from a plant that was once thought to be an agave, in those days it was referred to as a mezcal.

·       Sotol is made from the dasylirian plant A.K.A. desert spoon.

·       There are 16 varietals of sotol.

·       The sotol plant is found throughout Mexico but the denomination of origin for sotol dictates that to be labeled a sotol it must come from 1 of 3 states: Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango

The Cedrosanum has mineral and caramel notes on the nose. Smoked grass and cedar on the palate. The finish is dry and the texture has a near perfect balance.

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