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Seven Stills Chocasmoke Whiskey

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Seven Stills Chocasmoke Whiskey

Whiskey distilled from beer. Seven Stills is leading the craft beer inspired whiskey movement. While traditional whiskeys are distilled from a low quality beer, Seven Stills distills finished beers resulting in whiskeys with innovative flavor profiles. Chocasmoke is the first whiskey in our Seven Hills Series: a project to create a unique craft beer inspired for each of the seven hills of San Francisco.

This whiskey is made from a smoked chocolate oatmeal stout and is our dedication to the Twin Peaks. Distilled from a chocolate oatmeal stout with peat smoked malt. Layers of deep malt flavor range from creamy oats and vanilla to rich dark chocolate, burnt malt and heavy peat smoke. This whiskey opens up with rich chocolate, vanilla and honey.  The taste profile is toasted malt, chocolate, and oak and finishes with a lingering peat smoke. Since each whiskey is handcrafted in extremely small batches (this one from 500 gallons of beer brewed at Mill Valley Beerworks), supply is extremely limited. This first release yielded 358 bottles, each hand wax dipped and had numbered. Gold Medal Winner at the 2014 World Spirits Competition.

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Spirit Type: American Whiskey Whiskey/Whisky


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