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Santo Prohibido Silvestre Bacanora

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Santo Prohibido Silvestre Bacanora

Santo Prohibido celebrates Bacanora’s untamed past and enduring spirit. For most of the 20th century, it was illegal to produce or sell Bacanora and though punishable by death if caught, it did not deter the people of Sonora from continuing production of this sacred Sonoran spirit. Made from agave Silvestre - Angustifolia Haw that has grown wild and untouched in the fields of Rancho San Isidro for 90 years, Santo Prohibido is a limited artisanal production of only 200 hand blown bottles presented in a custom cedar box.

Santo Prohibido is distilled by master Bacanorero Rumaldo Flores Amarillas in the Domain of Origin of Sonora. The agave is roasted in underground ovens that are fired by mesquite and encino wood, then double distilled in copper. Santo Prohibido translates as “Forbidden Saint”.

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Spirit Type: Bacanora

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