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Santo Cuviso Bacanora Reposado

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Santo Cuviso Bacanora Reposado

A drop of Santo Cuviso on the tongue and you'll understand that true alchemists know how to quench the soul. Each barrel of reposado is handcrafted from 100% Agave Angustifolia piñas, harvested in Sierra de Sonora, Mexico, and distilled by Master Bacanorero, Rumaldo Flores Amarillo’s, whose process infuses every drop with the sacred magic of three generations. Santo Cuviso translates as “holy bacanora”. It's dry, complex, with a kick of pepper and a grounded, earthy finish. Crafted to remind you that sometimes the best way to refresh your soul is to allow your lips to kiss a little spirit every day. After resting in an American white oak barrel for 5 months, only a small batch of liquid will be bottles in a limited edition black label.

Spirit Type: Bacanora

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