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Richland Single Estate Rum

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Richland Single Estate Rum

This is a rare authentic single estate category. The distillery is operated by the proprietors of the Vennebroeck Estate, where sugar cane is cultivated for the purpose of making Rum. With exceptional purity, this artisan crafted spirit is copper pot distilled to accentuate vegetal and floral qualities of pure unrefined sugar cane. No preservatives, spices, flavor enhancers, color agents or additives. Gluten free.

“America’s Best Aged Rum” - Dave Russell - Rum Gallery

‘First aromas reveal caramel, vanilla and espresso. Palate introduces sugar cane, tobacco and field flowers. Long finish with hints of dark chocolate, figs and oak tannins’.

Pampered to maturity in virgin American oak barrels. Each barrel is bottled individually. Barrels are never blended and never re-used.

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Spirit Type: Domestic Rum


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