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Raboso Fiore Spumante

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Raboso Fiore Spumante

Raboso Fiore is made with one of the oldest grape varieties in Veneto. The grapes are harvested late in autumn, with only the highest quality ones used. To enrich the must, the grapes are not pressed, but macerated with skins intact. This fabulous wine is fresh and vibrant with an extraordinary softness. Rich in flavor and character, Raboso Fiore Special Selection embodies the ancient region itself. Raboso Fiore (Flower) has been one the greatest successes of the Paladin Family for over 30 years. This Special Selection represents an exaltation of the fruit with a top structure and a unique freshness. A superior structure qualifies the special selection designation. This sparkler is extremely fruity, with a great aroma, an intense ruby color, a subtle effervescence and a silky froth. A true delight.

COLOR: Intense ruby red with violet reflections and marvelous lasting pink froth.

AROMA: Lingering and scented, eliciting thoughts of wild violets and Morello cherries.

TASTE: Lively, fruit and robust, with a full-flavor, an inviting froth, delicate tannins and dry finish.

Ideal at lunch or dinner, with pizza or snacks. Exceptional on its own, as an aperitif or after dinner. Pairs exceptionally well with barbecued or roasted meats and stewed fish.

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Spirit Type: Wine


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