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Polugar Classic Rye Vodka

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Polugar Classic Rye Vodka

Each Polugar single grain selection is distilled three times in copper pot stills that were meticulously reproduced from 18th century drawings. The distillate then undergoes a labor-intensive and expensive egg-white purification process, a popular method used by the Russian aristocracy in the 1700's. A long purification process ensues using birch wood charcoal.

Polugar Classic Rye is another expression of a legendary Russian bread wine brought back to life using the traditional recipes and distillation methods from the 18th and 19th centuries. Classic Polugar Rye is produced using select coarse milled rye and natural water that is not chemically purified.

Aroma - fresh, bright and bready

Palate - warming, soft taste of rye bread, slightly sweet with notes of honey and spice

Finish - prolonged and warming, with bright notes of rye bread, salt and pepper hints, hazelnuts, almonds and honey with a light botanical bitterness

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Spirit Type: Imported Vodka

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