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Pinhook Bourbon 5 Yr Bourbon War Vertical Series

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Pinhook Bourbon 5 Yr Bourbon War Vertical Series

As part of their ongoing ‘Vertical Series’, Pinhook selects 150 bourbon barrels each year from their tranche of whiskey distilled at MGP (75% Corn, 20.5% Rye, 4.5% Malted Barley) to be blended, proofed, and bottled; the end result will reflect the evolution of a whiskey over a 9-year period of time. This, the second release in the Bourbon Vertical series, is the first opportunity to see what an extra year of aging has done to the juice. At 5 years in age, Bourbon War has transitioned into darker fruit flavors than its predecessor, with rich caramel undertones and fledgling hints of smoke. 52% ABV

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Spirit Type: American Bourbon Whiskey/Whisky


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