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Pairidaeza Creme de Violette

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Pairidaeza Creme de Violette

Throughout ancient cultures, the idea of a hidden paradise in plain sight gave way to legends of extravagance lost to time. Bringing the past to life became a priority, as was the ability to fashion one’s own version of a local utopia. The idea of connecting past levels of luxury unknown to our current expectations have become more in fashion with ever changing modernity.

Crème de Violette et Miel is a liqueur that is multifaceted and vibrant in nature. Featuring a classic flavor reminiscent of the Parisian candies, this liqueur is sweetened with acacia honey. Flowery, refined and exuberant, Pairidaēza Crème de Violette et Miel reminds consumers how easy it is to modernize cocktails with classic flavor profiles. Using honey to enhance floral aspects of a classic liqueur, Crème de Violette et Miel provides a bright, yet balanced flavor that will take your next cocktail to a nuanced paradise.

Use this liqueur with gin, Crème de Cacao and lemon juice for cocktails that showcase simple and/or classic flavor profiles.

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Spirit Type: Imported Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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