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Pairidaeza Creme de Cacao

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Pairidaeza Creme de Cacao

Throughout ancient cultures, the idea of a hidden paradise in plain sight gave way to legends of
extravagance lost to time. Bringing the past to life became a piority, as was the ability to fashion one’s own version of a local utopia. The idea of connecting past levels of luxury unkown to our current expectations have become more in fashion with ever changing modernity.

Pairidaēza has taken lost recipes for commonly used liqueurs popular to past eras. A contemporary approach updating past forms to fit the elegance of the modern cocktailing needs. The ever-changing palate of modern society has left behind old recipes from Harry Craddock of The Savoy, which were heavy on Crème de Cacao and Menthe as newer bartenders found infusions more appropriate. This all natural liqueur rescues the decadence of a forgotten modifier.

Pairidaēza’s all natural Crème de Cacao is created by blending burnt sugar, all natural French Cocoa, neutral base alcohol and infusing vanilla into the mix. The bittersweet, spice filled liqueur is the perfect add for those seeking a luxurious silky mouth feel. Crème de cacao has been classically used with creams and strong mint flavors in drinks like The Grasshopper, but paired with cognac, you will have an elegant, blissful nirvana in a glass.

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Spirit Type: Imported Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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