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Pairidaeza Creme de Banane

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Pairidaeza Creme de Banane

The idea of Pairidaēza eschews any sense of monotony. Lush, green, and rich, your cocktail paradise awaits with Crème de Banane. This amber liqueur is created with plantains rather than the common dessert banana. Aromas of caramel and
coffee greet you as you are reminded of fresh baked banana bread. The taste of ripe plantain dominates the palate and gives a rich, full body mouth feel. This liqueur gives the creator a sense of versatilty due to complexity and nuance.

All-natural plantains are used in the distilling process. Using plantains rather than dessert bananas give this crème a more refreshing quality, than sweet and candylike. The Pairidaēza distilling process uses burnt sugar to provide the aromas or nuttiness and caramel to add layers of nuance to the drinker.

Crème de Banane is the liqueur to elevate your tiki cocktails and inject a richness to any cocktail. Pair this liqueur with baking spices such as cinnamon or cardamom, or bring complexity to a daiquiri. This versatile liqueur can make itself known in any style cocktail. Create a tropical paradise on command, anytime with Crème de Banane.

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Spirit Type: Imported Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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