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Morro Mezcal Espadin

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Morro Mezcal Espadin

Morro is a small, independent brand with shared ownership
between Oaxacan and Californian families on both sides
of the border.
We make traditional heritage quality mezcal, hand crafted by
Juan Lopez Oliveira in small lots at our single palenque in the
Yautepec region of Oaxaca. Our spirits are true Mezcal
Artesanal, produced entirely from mature single–source
agaves grown in our mountainside fields. The cook is done
with mesquite and quebracho hardwoods in our conical
earthen oven. Grinding is started by hand with an axe
followed by a pass through a wood chipper, never using
animal labor. Fermentation is done in open-air pine vats and
distillation is completed and small 350L copper stills. Juan
lets the agave shine without over-roasting with smoke or
diluting with water. This allows for a sophisticated mezcal
with nuanced and balanced flavors.
The land is the source of everything we do. We aim
to reduce our footprint and problem solve in our own
backyard. Along with allocating resources back into the
palenque and taking care of our production family, we
have begun micro-initiatives on our land including agave
biodiversification, regenerative farming practices
and wild agave reforestation.

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Spirit Type: Mezcal


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