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Leopold Sour Lime Cordial

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Leopold Sour Lime Cordial

Harkening back to an era where fresh limes weren’t readily available, the Leopold Bros Sour Lime Cordial captures the essence of pure citrus in a way that no other liqueur on the market has been able to. Using Persian Limes from the Gulf Coast of Mexico, Todd first distills what is in essence a lime eau-de-vie, before skimming fresh lactic acid from the top of his fermenting whiskey mash to add the electric tanginess that gives the spirit its character. That extra step gives the cordial its electricity and its supreme tanginess on the palate.

A bit of sugar cane is added to balance the tartness and the result is a 40% ABV cordial that can stand alone in the glass or be mixed into a variety of delicious drinks. Try it with Topo Chico in a Highball, use it as the float on a Gin & Tonic or Margarita, mix it into a Collins, or pour it into the neck of your cold Modelo or Corona. There’s no end to how you can use this! The balance of citrus, tartness, and sweetness is simply impeccable.

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Spirit Type: Domestic Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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