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Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte

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Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte

Leopold Bros. is a family owned and operated small batch distillery located in Denver, Colorado that produces a large variety of world class spirits. Leopold Bros. is an extremely small company with only a handful of employees, including the two brothers. Every aspect of the distilling process is done by hand with painstaking attention to detail. Todd & Scott Leopold, designed and developed a unique distillery in which environmental sustainability is a daily practice.
For our Absinthe Verte, we start with imported Chilean Pisco, placing it in our small 150 liter copper pot-still, carefully adding the traditional Absinthe Verte botanicals: Anise, Grande Wormwood, and Sweet Fennel, together with a number of proprietary botanicals. Before the Absinthe Verte is bottled, it must undergo a coloring step. While many commercial absinthes are colored artificially, ours is colored in the most traditional manner by placing our hand selected coloring herbs (Hyssop, Melissa and Roman Wormwood) in cheesecloth and steeping the blend in new make Absinthe.

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Spirit Type: Domestic Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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