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Germana Palha Cachaca

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Germana Palha Cachaca

Over a century ago, Germana distillery produced
its first form of cachaça: Cachaça da Palha. This
expression started it all for the Caetano family,
and a tradition of excellence has followed. Each
bottle is hand wrapped in Da Palha, meaning a
dried banana leaf.

In the early 20th century, the roads consisted
of rugged terrain, and packages were hauled by
mules. If one were to slip, all bottles were lost.
Dried banana leaves provided an all-natural
packaging that could bare the elements. The
details truly matter.

Da Palha spends its first year after distillation in
French Oak barrels. French oak softens the spirits
and gives the distillate a silkier mouthfeel;
a feeling of elegance. After the first year, the
slightly aged, now golden spirit, spends its
last year in Brazilian Balsamo. Balsamo graces
the young cachaça with a peppery, herbaceous
aroma along with a slight bitterness to add more
depth in flavor. Remarkable balance is struck by
the variance of wood in its aging.

Enjoy this spirit neat to understand its
complexity. After, displaying its qualities in built
drinks is an experience.

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Spirit Type: Cachaca

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