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FUYU Single Grain Barley Sochu

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FUYU Single Grain Barley Sochu

FUYU means "WINTER" in Japanese.
This handcrafted Sochu is a single grain produced from 100% barley on the
island of Honshu.

The main difference with a single malt whisky is that the barley is not malted.
Indeed, for Sochu, the Japanese use a microscopic fungus, the Koji, to seed
the starter mash and thus transform complex sugars into simple sugars which
makes it possible to do without malting.

First, there is fermentation of Barley with 100% of Barley koji.

Then, a double distillation in a single Pot to obtain alcohol from 65% - 66% by
Vol. Finally, there is the filtration before aging for more than 3 years, in 450L -
470L new American white oak barrels.

At the end, the dilution is done to obtain ALC 43% by Vol followed by a second

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Spirit Type: Japanese Whisky Whiskey/Whisky

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