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Dad's Hat Rye Finished in Maple Casks

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Dad's Hat Rye Finished in Maple Casks

90 Proof • 750ml
We take our used whiskey barrels, fill them with delicious maple syrup sourced from Somerset County, Pennsylvania and allow that maple syrup to rest in those barrels for several months – picking up the wonderful essence of the whiskey flavor. In turn, these wooden barrels become saturated with the flavor of the maple syrup. Then we empty the maple syrup from the barrels (and sell it), and refill the barrels with aged whiskey. We let this whiskey age another several months to allow it to absorb the natural maple flavor left behind. We do not add any artificial flavors or chemicals to our whiskey – we only want the maple flavor to influence the whiskey, not overwhelm it.

Spirit Type: American Rye Whiskey/Whisky


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