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A.D. Rattray Linkwood 2006 10 Yr #62

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A.D. Rattray Linkwood 2006 10 Yr #62

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Spirit Type: Single Malt, Single Cask Scotch



Color: White wine

Nose: Fragrant roses, hay, pear drops and lemon spritz.

Palate: Pressed apples, grassy, barley sugars and honey.

Finish: Rounded off with mature oak and baking spices for an aromatic twist.

Interesting Distillery Fact: Owned by Diageo, most of the production goes into major blends such as Johnnie Walker and White Horse. Roderick Mackenzie, who was distillery manager at one time, refused to allow even spiders' webs to be removed in case it should alter the flavor of the spirit.

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