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Xellent Vodka

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Xellent Vodka

Picasso & Matador rye grains are cultivated on small parcels of land by 18 local farmers in the heart of Switzerland and delivered directly to the mill to ensure the highest quality ingredients. Glacier water from the Titlis Alpine Region forces its way out of the rocks down almost 300 meters where it is able to rest for several months. Soft, crystal clear and rich in oxygen and minerals, this age old water source allows Xellent to be almost ph-neutral.

Triple distilled first in small copper alembics, the gentlest process available because the mash is not overheated, the second distillation then gently condensed in a copper column still with 45 bubble cap trays, then a third time to allowing the last remaining unwanted components to be separated, the distillate is then refined and harmonized once again giving Xellent it’s crystal clear purity.

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Spirit Type: Imported Vodka


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