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Villa Zarri 2002 18 Yr Marsala Florio Cask Brandy

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Villa Zarri 2002 18 Yr Marsala Florio Cask Brandy

This Brandy Millesimato 2002 was distilled using the discontinuous cycle method with a Charentais alembic, from a 2002 vintage Romagna Trebbiano wine from the Romagna hills. The Brandy was then aged for 77 years in a 350-litre barrel of French oak from the forests of Limousin. In the eighteenth year, it was aged in a 300-litre oak wood barrel that previously contained a Marsala Florio Vergine 7998. The barrel, still impregnated with this highly precious Marsala, gives our Brandy the wonderful characteristic bouquets that enrich its aromas even more.

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Spirit Type: Brandy

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