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Van Hoo Vodka

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Van Hoo Vodka

Van Hoo is a premium 100% grain, handcrafted vodka from Belgium that promises exceptional quality and an unmistakably clean taste. Van Hoo is handcrafted in small batches at the renowned Filliers Distillery in Belgium. The production of vodka at Filliers is never compromised, from selecting high quality grain to resting the distillate in modern tanks, taking great care to achieve a spirit perfect enough to bottle as Van Hoo.

The vodka is distilled 5 times using column stills as well as traditional alembic pot-stills, bestowing optimal softness to this award-winning, natural spirit, propelling it well ahead of the vodka pack. Special charcoal filtering gives Van Hoo perfect balance and refined aroma. The long and expensive production process yields limited quantities, but the resulting spirit is elegant and well-worth seeking out.

91 points · Wine Enthusiast  “Juniper, citrus, mineral, and peppercorn aromas. Richly textured. Full, yet surprisingly soft on the palate with floral aromas and flavors coming through on the finish. One of the many top-shelf vodkas gaining in popularity.”

Filliers Distillery, from grain to glass at Filliers, tradition and modern technology join forces to bring about refined spirits that are 100% pure and satisfying. The Filliers Distillery is nestled between the broad pastures and fields of grain that stretch out on either side of the river Leie, in the picturesque village of Bachte-Maria-Leerne. The Filliers family produced genever prior to 1880, which was the year Kamiel Filliers became licensed to set up a genever distillery in Bachte-Maria- Leerne to replace his uncle’s—Ferdinand- Bernard Filliers—agricultural distillery that was partially destroyed by fire in 1863. The distillery survived many tumultuous times—two World Wars, and the years from 1919 to 1984 when the ‘Vandevelde law’ prohibited the selling of spirits in taverns, but as the only distillery in the area, it had enough support to realize its vision to modernize and thrive. Since the distillery’s inception, the generous water surge of the Leie has sustained this legendary spirits company, and today the busy stills and the secret family recipe are in the safe hands of the Filliers family continuing the legacy as Belgium’s finest grain distillers.

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