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Sotol Coyote Durango Yellow Label

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Sotol Coyote Durango Yellow Label

The desert triumph tells the story that there were three characters that survived the desert: the master sotolero, the coyote, and the sotol plant. All three have coexisted and lived in the same environment.

The master sotolero, inhabitant of the arid deserts, decided to continue with the tradition inherited by his grandparents to produce sotol for the sake of tradition, for love or by mere way of giving sustenance to his family.

The coyote, an animal loved and hated by man, had to be cunning to survive. With the excessive urbanism of man, the coyote had to learn when to hunt, when to hide, when to move with the pack, and when to move alone.

The nobel sotol plant, managed to adapt to extreme conditions with high temperatures, and little water.  It survived harvesting and cultivation by the sotolero to provide food, footwear and a spirituous drink which managed to calm the soul.

Sotol Coyote is a tribute to these three surviving characters of the harsh desert climate. We are a survival story.

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Spirit Type: Sotol


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