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Sotol Coahuila - Blanco

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Sotol Coahuila - Blanco

The mountains of Coahuila offer the true essence of pure and natural wildness, with the plants being completely organic by nature.


Region:  Mountains of Coahuila

Master Distiller: Gerardo Ruelas Hernández

Variety: Dasylirion Cedrosanum

Alc.Vol: 43%

Cooked: Underground stone oven

Fermantation: 6-12 days with well water

Grinding: By hand and ax

Distillation: Double distilled in copper stills


Tasting Notes

Sight: Bright, shimmering, morning sun brilliantly clear

Nose: Notes of pine and mint, hazelnut

Taste: Clean, bright flavors of fresh and vibrant herbs,

and gentle layers of sweetness and floral notes.

Spirit Type: Sotol


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