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Santo Cuviso Uvalama Bacanora

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Santo Cuviso Uvalama Bacanora

Casa Tres Amigos was created between three friends with a love for Mexican culture, fine food, and incredible spirits. The Chacon family uses ancient methods kept alive through three generations, carefully guarding their recipe and production secrets. From start to finish, it is a carefully-monitored, natural process that transfers the sacred craft and magic of the family's traditions into every sip, and finished with the infusion of the Uvalama berry.

Did you Know? - The distillation of Bacanora was illegal until 1992, being bootlegged by vinateros for many generations. Since 2000 Bacanora has been issued with an origin denomination bill by the Mexican government. This means that only mezcal produced by the agave variety grown in the Sonora municipalities can legally be called Bacanora.

Legend has it - That’s how the Jesuit missionaries referred to it back in the summer of 1756 when the Opata Indians offered it up as a healing remedy. It didn’t take long for the Jesuits to praise the benefits of a daily dose. The legend says that they broke their bread with it religiously, certain that each and every agave plant is a gift from God.

Tasting Notes

- Robust spice and earth compliment sweet agave

- Brightness up front with berries on the mid palate

- Maintains a fresh bacanora flavor with the aid of candied nuts

- Peppered qualities intertwined in honied notes

GOLD MEDAL - American Distilling Institute 2019

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Spirit Type: Bacanora


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