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Santo Cuviso Pechuga

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Santo Cuviso Pechuga

Agave Lechuguilla is an agave species found only in the Chihuahuan Desert. Lechuguilla, meaning "small lettuce”, grows deep inside the Copper Canyon of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The rustic vinata of our Maestro Dolores González Torres, a fourth generation master distiller from the community of Yerbaniz Batopilas, founded in 1708, is located deep in the steep mountains. After crushing the agave by hand with an ax, the 6-8 day fermentation takes place in unique stone vats that have been used for over 100 years. Maestro Torres adds a little sotol to aid in the fermentation along with local spring mountain water. The fermented agave is then loaded into a Mongol-type still with copper pots in this unique distillation processes. Dense pinewood called Higuera is used to heat the stills with direct fire.  The difference between this item and the Lechuguilla Blanco is the added third distillation dripping over a skinless chicken breast, the “pechuga” (breast), which adds a soft flavor to the Lechuguilla.

Spirit Type: Mezcal

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