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Richland Single Estate Virgin Coastal Rum

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Richland Single Estate Virgin Coastal Rum

Richland Rum is the only single-estate rum in the U.S. Richland grows their own sugarcane. They process it into cane syrup in-house. The cane syrup is then fermented and distilled all in downtown Richland, GA. It is a wonderful Agricole style rum and probably one of my favorite craft spirits.

Proof: 86 proof

Age: 60 days

For the Rhum Agricole Aficionado, this is a true treat. Virgin Rum, directly from the still is unaged, unaltered and unfiltered and rested for 60 days in new American white oak barrels. This Rum brings out the floral and vegetal notes of the estate-grown sugar cane to its full potential.

Spirit Type: Domestic Rum


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