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Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Cask Strength

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Richland Single Estate Old Georgia Cask Strength

Richland Rum is the only single-estate rum in the U.S. Richland grows their own sugarcane. They process it into cane syrup in-house. The cane syrup is then fermented and distilled all in downtown Richland, GA. It is a wonderful Agricole style rum and probably one of my favorite craft spirits.

This is the second barrel pick I've done from Richland. I approached this pick exactly as I did the first pick. I went in with an open mind. I didn't target a specific flavor profile. I knew I wanted something that you all would enjoy neat. And, I knew it had to appeal to a whiskey drinkers palate. I believe this barrel nailed it. It's a cask strength, unaltered, unfiltered rum that is full of flavor.

Tasting notes:

The nose is full of dark cherries and brown sugar. It's thick with notes of candied pecans and raspberry. The taste transitions nicely from the nose with similar notes. There is a lot going on in the rum. Notes of sweet and fruit fade to oak and baking spice. The finish is long with more spice and malt-iness.

Spirit Type: Domestic Rum


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