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Puntagave Ceramic Double Barrel Anejo

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Puntagave Ceramic Double Barrel Anejo

Puntagave Artisanal Double Barrel is a limited-edition extension to our Ultra-Premium Artisanal line and will only be sold to a selective list of retail accounts through our partner distributors network. More that 300 out of 500 bottles have been pre-sold. These special editions were created in collaboration with Mexican artists COCOLVU, numbered editions are program to showcase our search for great tasting profiles and we plan to make one batch every year.

This first edition of Puntagave Double Barrel is the product of a two-step aging process. The first involves aging the tequila in used America oak barrels for 1 year. Then we transfer half of the batch to a New American oak barrel using the Pennsylvania famous "Nadalie cooperative" Symphony toast barrels. Meanwhile, the other half goes to new French oak barrels ( Natalie, Expression rouge) from the forest of Allier France for another year. After that we blend them together to create this unique offering. This extra aging creates a tequila of an extremely rich texture, pleasant and complex aromas, and a dark amber color. The complexity that the double barrel acquires does not lose the cooked agave, spice and floral notes you get intensified in our silver expression. Recommended poured in a rock glass. Add nothing. Experience the best of both worlds.

Spirit Type: Tequila


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