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Polugar No.3 Caraway Vodka

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Polugar No.3 Caraway Vodka

The small batch numbered series is carefully crafted using select Russian rye and wheat grains. Only natural raw products are distilled in copper pot stills manufactured from 18th and 19th century diagrams. The precious distillate undergoes further refining using natural birch charcoal.

Polugar No. 3 Caraway, is based on Polugar Classic Rye with caraway and coriander added before the third distillation, with a delectable taste reminiscent of classic Borodinsky bread.

Aroma - rich bouquet of Borodinsky bread, spicy and dense, dry grass, abundant caraway, coriander, dried dill, dried spices, wild flowers, cut grass, prune notes, mulberry echoes, acacia, black pepper, dough, hint of citrus peel

Palate - refreshing, open, soft, complex, balanced, gourmet, embracing, bright, slightly sweet, and elegant

Finish - slightly sweet, notes of dill and coriander as well as citrus, showing dark bread crust, rye notes above a predominantly caraway background

Pairing - perfect with sauerkraut, lightly salted spiced fish, salmon with herbs, pickled herring, and is a good accompaniment to duck and dark buttered bread. Enjoy with a cigar misted in port wine. Excellent as an aperitif or after a meal. Chill slightly before serving. Recommended as a base spirit in Mojitos.

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Spirit Type: Imported Vodka

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