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Polugar No.1 Rye & Wheat Vodka

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Polugar No.1 Rye & Wheat Vodka

The small batch numbered series is carefully crafted using select Russian rye and wheat grains. Only natural raw products are distilled in copper pot stills manufactured from 18th and 19th century diagrams. The precious distillate undergoes further refining using natural birch charcoal.

Aroma - bready aroma of home baking

Palate - delicate, slightly sweet, warming taste of rye and wheat bread, crackers, and bread crust with bread-honey notes

Finish - long-lasting, dominated by hints of wheat bread, with notes of grains, meadow grasses, warm home baking, fresh hay and warm bread crumbs

Pairing - borscht, cabbage or pickle soup, meat pie, caviar crepes, beef stroganoff, and sausage dishes

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Spirit Type: Imported Vodka

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