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Pairidaeza Menthe Blanche Liqueur

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Pairidaeza Menthe Blanche Liqueur

Throughout ancient cultures, the idea of a hidden paradise in plain sight gave way to legends of extravagance lost to time. Bringing the past to life became a priority, as was the ability to fashion one’s own version of a local utopia. The idea of connecting past levels of luxury unknown to our current expectations have become more in fashion with ever changing modernity.

Since its arrival into culinary and medicinal lexicon, mint has been a multicultural ingredient. Until lately, Creme de Menthe was left in the Prohibition era, only to pop up in drinks like The Grasshopper. No longer. Pairidaēza created a nuanced twist on a classic liqueur. Blanche, meaning uncolored, this liqueur is all natural and invigorating on the tongue. This modifier is perfect for adding depth not only in flavor, the cocktail will physically be different in mouthfeel.

What better to take you to paradise than the feeling of rejuvenation, free from stress and all ailments. White mint and hints of vanilla push result in a chic and graceful addition to many cocktails featuring aged spirits and amaro; fitting that ideals Pairidaēza can come in the in the form of galvanizing minty rush.

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Spirit Type: Imported Liqueurs/Cordials/Specialties


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