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Leopold Bros. Navy Strength Gin

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Leopold Bros. Navy Strength Gin

Leopold Bros. is a family owned and operated small batch distillery located in Denver, Colorado that produces a large variety of world class spirits. Leopold Bros. is an extremely small company with only a handful of employees, including the two brothers. Every aspect of the distilling process is done by hand with painstaking attention to detail. Todd & Scott Leopold, designed and developed a unique distillery in which environmental sustainability is a daily practice.
Navy gin was stored next to gunpowder munitions on naval warships; therefore navy strength gin was distilled to a proof just high enough that if it spilled during battle, the ship’s gunpowder would still ignite. In crafting our version of this maritime spirit, we individually distill each botanical, creating a bold, aromatic gin. The fact that Leopold Bros. uses double the juniper with this gin is extremely apparent on the nose, which is extremely floral. Even at this high proof the nose shows off Todd Leopold’s, impeccable distilling, and while strong it isn’t overly astringent. This high-octane, full throttle gin is loaded with herbaceous character and tons of bitter citrus peel. This is not the standard Leopold formula with more alcohol. It’s an entirely new formula for people looking to make serious cocktails. Try it in a Tom Collins or gin and tonic and taste how wonderfully concentrated the flavor is!

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Spirit Type: Domestic Gin


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