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Leopold Bros. Maryland Style Rye Whiskey

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Leopold Bros. Maryland Style Rye Whiskey

Before Prohibition, American Rye Whiskey tended to be pot distilled from a mash made of more than 70% rye. There were two regions in America that generally produced decidedly different styles of this rye whiskey: Maryland and Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania-style, also called Monongahela, was usually spicy and dry. Monongahela rye dominates modern American back bars, although usually in a heavily oaked form. Maryland distillers crafted a rye that tended to be a fruitier, more floral expression than the whiskey made by their Pennsylvania brothers. We have chosen to re-create the fruity, floral notes of this lost style, resulting in aromas of lavender, dark chocolate and berries, paying homage to a lost whiskey that hasn’t been distilled in Maryland for decades. 

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Spirit Type: American Rye Whiskey/Whisky


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